1 Samuel – Volume 4

Volume 4 of 5, 10 messages

Israel moved from judges to a king to rule them. From a fleshly king to a godly one. From no capitol city to Jerusalem, the city of the presence and the ark. From a disunified people scrapping for their freedom to the greatest nation of the east. From a time of sin and judgement to Camelot, the glory of David. It’s an Old  Testament pivotal book.

Message 31 – A Patch of Blue in a Gathering Storm
Message 32 – Training Day Begins
Message 33 – Semper Fi
Message 34 – An Unbending Will
Message 35 – God Leads His Dear Children Along
Message 36 – When God Puts On the Brakes
Message 37 – Man in a Cave
Message 38 – Class Conflict
Message 39 – Keilah: The Lesson of Day By Day Trust
Message 40 – The Rock of Escape

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