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Title Speaker Date
The Power and Promise of Intelligent Design Dr. Paul Nelson 11/05/2010
The Biblical Perspective of Homosexuality Tommy Nelson 02/01/2004
The Doctrine of Romance Tommy Nelson 01/25/2004
Mates and Money Tommy Nelson 01/18/2004
The Classic Couple Tommy Nelson 12/14/2003
The "Ins and Outs" of In-laws Tommy Nelson 12/07/2003
The Art of Singlehood Tommy Nelson 11/23/2003
Sanctified Sexuality Tommy Nelson 11/16/2003
Rules of Engagement - The Art of Conflict Tommy Nelson 11/09/2003
God and the Fairer Sex Tommy Nelson 11/02/2003
Man, the Lover Tommy Nelson 10/26/2003
Marriage: Its Order and Identities Tommy Nelson 10/19/2003
The Doctrine of Hell and Eternal Punishment Tommy Nelson 07/10/2005
The Question of the Heathen Tommy Nelson 06/26/2005
Christ: The Only Way - Arrogance or Assertion? Tommy Nelson 06/19/2005
The Roots of Evil: Is God In Charge or Confused? Tommy Nelson 06/12/2005
The Bible: Fact or Fiction Tommy Nelson 06/05/2005
"Can Man Live Without God?" or The Death of the West Tommy Nelson 05/29/2005
Defending Your Faith Kick-Off Dr. Craig Hazen & Dr. J.P. Moreland 11/05/2010
Dealing With Depression - DTS Chapel Tommy Nelson 3/27/2007
Men - Men of Distinction (2010) Various October 2010
If I Was the Devil Tommy Nelson
The Theology of a Male Disc 4 of 4 Tommy Nelson 03/31/2010
The Theology of a Male Disc 3 of 4 Tommy Nelson 03/31/2007
The Theology of a Male Disc 2 of 4 Tommy Nelson 03/30/2007
The Theology of a Male Disc 1 of 4 Tommy Nelson 03/30/2007
The Need fulfilled according to Christ Jesus Tommy Nelson 05/08/10
The Standard fulfilled according to the Prophets Tommy Nelson 05/08/2010
The Standard fulfilled according to the Old Testament Tommy Nelson 05/08/2010
Prayer: The Marvelous Condescention Tommy Nelson 01/20/2002
The Bible: The Perfect Law of Liberty Tommy Nelson 01/13/2002
Fellowship: The Hearth of the Church Tommy Nelson 01/06/2002
Alexandra Goode Alexandra Goode 06/09/09
The Fullness of the Times Tommy Nelson 12/24/2008
J-esus O-thers and Y-ou Tommy Nelson 12/24/2008
The Day of Atonement Tommy Nelson 3/21/2008
God's New Temple, the Body of Christ - The Church Tommy Nelson 04/11/09
The Father of the Tares Tommy Nelson 03/19/2006
Bearing the Yoke in One's Youth Tommy Nelson 03/12/2006
Stephen: Gateway To The World Tommy Nelson 03/05/2006
Keeping the Bearings of the Ship of God Tommy Nelson 02/26/2006
The Great Substitution: A Theology of Cowchips Tommy Nelson 02/19/2006
Proof Positive: The Love of the Body of Christ Tommy Nelson 02/05/2006
Rules of Engagement: The Beginning of the Christian War - Part 3 Tommy Nelson 01/29/2006
Rules of Engagement: The Beginning of the Christian War - Part 2 Tommy Nelson 01/22/2006
Rules of Engagement: The Beginning of the Christian War - Part 1 Tommy Nelson 01/15/2006
Christ: Hope For The Desperate John Brown 01/08/2006
A New Day's Resolution Tommy Nelson 01/01/2006
The Application of Christmas Tommy Nelson 12/25/2005
What If There Were No Christmas? Tommy Nelson 12/18/2005
The Most Primitive Christology Tommy Nelson 12/11/2005
Primitive Christianity: The First Christians Tommy Nelson 12/04/2005
A Current Warning From an Ancient Voice Tommy Nelson 11/27/2005
The First Convert Tommy Nelson 11/20/2005
The Lost Art of Discipline Tommy Nelson 11/13/2005
Christianity's First Sermon Tommy Nelson 11/06/2005
Becoming All Things to All Men Dhati Lewis 10/30/2005
The Birthday of the Church Tommy Nelson 10/23/2005
The Mustard Seed: First Days of the Church Tommy Nelson 10/16/2005
Working Orders: Why We are Here Tommy Nelson 10/09/2005
Revival: A Return to the Flaming Pulpit Tommy Nelson 10/02/2005
The Power of Prevailing Prayer Tommy Nelson 09/25/2005
The Prerequisite of Repentance Tommy Nelson 09/18/2005
The Nature and Need of Revival Tommy Nelson 09/11/2005
The Cause Tommy Nelson 09/04/2005
The Blessed Hope Tommy Nelson 08/28/2005
Shame on Us: The Church's Inclusion of Error Tommy Nelson 08/21/2005
The National Defense Tommy Nelson 08/14/2005
The Final Solution Tommy Nelson 08/07/2005
The Incomparable Love of Christ John Brown 07/31/2005
Jonah and the Mariners: "But They Could Not" Paul Polk 07/24/2005
The Resurrection: Just How Important Is It? Tommy Nelson 07/17/2005
Revive Us Again: A Biblical Theology of Revival Tommy Nelson 07/03/2005
The Glory of Christ Tommy Nelson 05/22/2005
The Truth on Tongues Tommy Nelson 05/15/2005
Paul's Perspective on True Maturity Tommy Nelson 05/08/2005
Unity and Diversity: The Glory of Christ's Church Tommy Nelson 05/01/2005
The Significance of the Lord's Supper Tommy Nelson 04/24/2005
Modesty and Submission: The Veiling of Women Tommy Nelson 04/17/2005
The Assurance of Victory Tommy Nelson 04/10/2005
The Disgraced, The Disqualified, The Dishonored, The Dead Tommy Nelson 04/03/2005
The Theological and Eschatological Significance of the Resurrection Tommy Nelson 03/27/2005
I AM THIRD: The Christian and His Rights Tommy Nelson 03/20/2005
The Underlying Principle of Unity Tommy Nelson 03/13/2005
The Peril of Marriage - The Art of Being Single-Minded Tommy Nelson 03/06/2005
Blooming Where You're Planted Tommy Nelson 02/27/2005
"First Things" - A Philosophy of the Purpose of the Church Tommy Nelson 02/20/2005
Paul's Hard Facts on Marriage Tommy Nelson 02/13/2005
The Fruitful Life John Brown 02/06/2005
The Church's Reason for Sexual Purity Tommy Nelson 01/30/2005
Suing Saints Tommy Nelson 01/23/2005
Jael: The Woman Who Danced with the One Who Brung Her Tommy Nelson 01/16/2005
Reconciliation - Trusting God in Church and Family Brian Leicht 01/09/2005
The Christian: The Only Truly Hopeful Tommy Nelson 01/02/2005
Lesson One for the Children of God - The Beginning of God's Primer Tommy Nelson 12/26/2004
Savior for All Tommy Nelson 12/19/2004
The Church: Good Physician, Holy People Tommy Nelson 12/12/2004
Law of the Colony Tommy Nelson 12/05/2004
The Nature of the Saved - Paul Applies the Doctrine of Grace Tommy Nelson 11/28/2004
The Criteria of a Successful Preacher Tommy Nelson 11/21/2004

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