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Title Speaker Date
The One and Only Light of the World Tommy Nelson 09/22/2002
The Prophet Tommy Nelson 09/15/2002
Implementing Discipleship in the Local Church - Churches on the Cutting Edge Tommy Nelson 09/08/2002
The Lost Art of Disciple Making Tommy Nelson 09/01/2002
Who Can Disciple? Tommy Nelson 8/25/2002
What is a Disciple? Tommy Nelson 08/18/2002
Beware the Lamb Tommy Nelson 08/11/2002
The Great Divide Tommy Nelson 08/04/2002
The Glorious Institution Walter Nusbaum 07/28/2002
Truth, Right and What is Best - The Demand of Structure in a Christian's Life Tommy Nelson 07/21/2002
Seminal Ideas of Later to be Revealed Theology, or "Acorns and Oaks" Tommy Nelson 07/14/2002
The Bread of Life Tommy Nelson 07/07/2002
Lord of the Winds and Waves Tommy Nelson 06/30/2002
The Feeding of the Five Thousand - Our Desperate Reliance Tommy Nelson 06/23/2002
Where's Dad? Tommy Nelson 06/16/2002
Jesus and the Jews: An Inspection of Rejection Tommy Nelson 06/09/2002
Jesus: Our Divine and Impeccable Savior Tommy Nelson 06/02/2002
The Healing of the Lame Man: A Picture of Christ and the Error of Israel Tommy Nelson 05/19/2002
Too Close for Comfort: The Story of the Royal Official Tommy Nelson 05/12/2002
What Seekest Thou? The First Words of the Master's Men Tommy Nelson 02/10/2002
"The Forerunner" Tommy Nelson 02/03/2002
Witnessing: The Church's Eternal Purpose Tommy Nelson 12/30/2001
The Great Divide Tom Nelson 12/24/2000
"What if..." Tommy Nelson 12/19/1999
O Worship the King Tommy Nelson 11/28/1999
Our Only Hope Tommy Nelson 12/27/1998
The Great Escape Tommy Nelson 12/20/1998
The Resurrection: Assurance of the Divine Benevolence Tommy Nelson 04/12/1998
Fishers of Men Bernard Bourque 02/08/1998
The Star of Israel Tommy Nelson 12/25/1995
Heaven's Demographic Tommy Nelson 05/14/1995
Great Joy! First Words of the Savior Tommy Nelson 12/25/1994
Glory Tommy Nelson 04/03/1994
A Silent Priesthood: The Beginning of a Nations End Tommy Nelson 05/30/1993
The Empty Tomb - The Believers Assurance of Justification Tommy Nelson 04/19/1992
The Incarnation: God's Final Word Tommy Nelson 12/22/1991
Triumph in the Midst of Trials Thomas Abraham 10/15/1989
Easter: The Coronation of a Sovereign King Tommy Nelson 03/26/1989
Jesus' View of Christmas Tommy Nelson 12/18/1988
The Prince and The Angel Tommy Nelson 10/04/1987
Send, Blend, and Mend Roy Robertson 04/26/1987
Shepherd King Tommy Nelson 12/22/1985
The Subjects Tommy Nelson 01/20/1985
The King Tommy Nelson 01/13/1985
Jesus Tommy Nelson 04/22/1984
God the Infinite Becomes God the Personal Tommy Nelson 12/25/1983
Rags To Riches - The Suffering Servant of Jehovah Tommy Nelson 04/03/1983

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