Colossians – Complete MP3 Series

All 23 messages of Colossians on one MP3 disc.

The supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ are the main themes of Colossians. “He is the image of the invisible God! By Him, all things were created.” This study is key in the believer’s perspective and relationship to Christ.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Sermon 1 – A Certain Salvation
Sermon 2 – A True Spirituality
Sermon 3 – A Divine Redeemer
Sermon 4 – A Complete Reconciliation
Sermon 5 – A Worldwide Proclamation
Sermon 6 – Standing on the Rock of Ages
Sermon 7 – The Challenge of Philosophy
Sermon 8 – The Challenge of Legalism
Sermon 9 – The Challenge of Mysticism
Sermon 10- Authentic Spirituality
Sermon 11- The Imitation of Christ: Sexual Purity
Sermon 12- The Peril of Greed
Sermon 13 -The People of Gracious Speech
Sermon 14 -Equality in the Body: The Outworkings of Justification
Sermon 15 -The Referee of the Divine Family
Sermon 16 -The Inseparability of Christ-likeness and Biblical Devotion
Sermon 17 -The Worshippers of the True King
Sermon 18 -The Joy of Piety
Sermon 19 -Husbands and Wives
Sermon 20 -Parenting: Divine Duty
Sermon 21 -Christ in the Marketplace
Sermon 22 -Evangelism: Why we’re here
Sermon 23 -The Master’s Men

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