Ecclesiastes – Volume 2 (2017)

7 Disc Set

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon not only dealt with the problem of evil but also with other tough questions in Life. these questions have puzzled philosophers and logicians for thousands of years and have probably been troubling you as well. These questions go to the very core of who we are and Ecclesiastes is the only place those answers can be found.

MP3 version of the entire series is available on the Volume 1 page.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Sermon 8: Correcting Your Perspective of Yourself
Sermon 9: Counsel: Do the Right Thing and Never Go Wrong
Sermon 10: Counsel II: Enjoy Today
Sermon 11: Counsel III: Stay Poised
Sermon 12: Counsel IV: Live Boldly: “Damn the Torpedoes…”
Sermon 13: Counsel V: The Anchor of Our Soul, The Believer and his Bible
Sermon 14: Correcting Your Perspective on Life and Pain

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