Ecclesiology: A Study of the Family and People of God

What is the church? What are they supposed to be doing? How are they ruled? What is their basis of authority? Where do they fit in redemptive history? What is their future? This study of the people who are the fullness of the times is called Ecclesiology. It may be the most important study of our day and generation.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Sermon 1: The Church: Its Identity
Sermon 2: The Church’s Purpose: Why We Are Here
Sermon 3: The Church: Its Leadership
Sermon 4: The Church: Its Ordinances
Sermon 5: The Church: Stewardship
Sermon 6: The Unity of the Church
Sermon 7: The Church: Its Mission
Sermon 8: The Church: Its Authority
Sermon 9: The Discipline of the Church
Sermon 10: The Rapture of the Church
Sermon 11: The Judgement of the Church – The Bema
Sermon 12: Why Should You Attend Church

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