Ephesians Complete MP3 Series

All 24 messages of Ephesians on one MP3 disc.

The Church: The Glory of Christ and God’s Eternal Purpose.

The American Church has trimmed its sails to conform to popular culture. Ephesians defines God’s plan for the Church and its members. The Apostle Paul pens truth we all are in need of hearing, so that we as a body might glorify our Lord.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

Click on the sermon title to listen to the message.

Sermon 1: “The grace in which you stand”
Sermon 2: Awake My Heart
Sermon 3: The Mighty, Mighty, Mighty, Mighty Grace of God
Sermon 4: “All My Children”
Sermon 5: The Church: Display of the Divine Wisdom
Sermon 6: An All-Powerful God, An Inexhaustible Love, and An Excellent People
Sermon 7: The Church’s Unity
Sermon 8: The Church’s Philosophy and Maturity
Sermon 9: The Church’s Sanctity
Sermon 10: The Church’s Morality
Sermon 11: The Church’s Purity
Sermon 12: The Church’s Significance
Sermon 13: The Church’s Spirituality
Sermon 14: The Church: Its Wives
Sermon 15: The Church: Its Husbands
Sermon 16: The Church: Its Children
Sermon 17: The Church: Its Employees
Sermon 18: The Church: Its Enemy
Sermon 19: The Belt of Truth
Sermon 20: The Breastplate of Righteousness
Sermon 21: Shoes of Security
Sermon 22: The Shield of Faith and the Helmet of Salvation
Sermon 23: The Sword of the Spirit
Sermon 24: Prayer – The Breath of the Warrior

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