Ephesians – God’s New People, the Church Volume 1 of 2 (2010)

10 Disc Set

There must have been a great consternation in Paul’s day of the phenomena of Church. Jews and Gentiles worshiping the same God, all on the same level of grace and acceptance through the death of Christ, all under a New Covenant of grace. Who were they? What happened to them? Why are they like they are? Paul answers the questions of our identity, lifestyle, and mission in the most valuable epistle on the “mystery of Christ-the church.”

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Sermon 1: Blessed Be the Father, Our Grand Designer: The Doctrine of Election
Sermon 2: The Work of The Son in our Salvation
Sermon 3: The Work of The Holy Spirit in our Salvation
Sermon 4: Knowing God According to Paul
Sermon 5: “The Family Tree, the Believer’s Inglorious Past”
Sermon 6: The Creed of Grace
Sermon 7: The Miracle of the “One New Man” OR Glimpse Unto Utopia
Sermon 8: Understanding the Times
Sermon 9: “Men Made New”
Sermon 10: “Walking Worthy”

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