Foundations of the Faith – Complete MP3 Series

All 18 messages of Foundations of Faith on one MP3 disc.

A foundational study for new believers.

When a person trusts in Christ for their salvation, the Bible describes that moment as the new birth. It is only the beginning. Every Christian is then engaged in a process of growing towards maturity. This study represents a kind of spiritual bootcamp and focuses on those foundational teachings of the Bible that all Christians must know and understand. These teachings include an understanding of the Gospel, our Position in Christ, the Christian’s struggle in the process of growth, and understanding the role of prayer in the life of the believer. The study also focuses on the need for sharing Christ with others, what it means to make Jesus Christ Lord of one’s life, and a final session on Biblical prophecy. This series can be used for either individual or group study and can prove to be a useful tool for helping every Christian grow into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

Click on a sermon title to listen to the message:

Sermon 1: What is the Gospel? – Part 1
Sermon 2: What is the Gospel? – Part 2
Sermon 3: Our position in Christ – Part 1
Sermon 4: Our position in Christ – Part 2
Sermon 5: Spiritual Growth – Part 1
Sermon 6: Spiritual Growth – Part 2
Sermon 7: The Christian’s Struggle – Part 1
Sermon 8: The Christian’s Struggle – Part 2
Sermon 9: Prayer – Part 1
Sermon 10: Prayer – Part 2
Sermon 11: The Church: Christian Fellowship – Part 1
Sermon 12: The Church: Christian Fellowship – Part 2
Sermon 13: Witnessing – Part 1
Sermon 14: Witnessing – Part 2
Sermon 15: Discipleship: The Greatest Failure
Sermon 16: The Lordship of Christ
Sermon 17: An Overview of Biblical Prophecy – Part 1
Sermon 18: An Overview of Biblical Prophecy – Part 2

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