Four Corners


4 disc series

1. Witnessing–“me” to the lost: An overview of the book of Romans is followed by a close look at Romans 15:14-33, where we learn of the privilege we have as saints to share the Good News of Christ to those who have not heard it, bringing God to men, and men back to God. The answer to how sinful man can glorify God in this capacity (fitting a square peg into a round hole) is revealed. Sharing God’s grace with others should be a passion, as well as a privilege.

2. Fellowship–“me” to the saved: Of the four corners of a Christian’s life, fellowship is identified as the most important aspect of our Christian life, because Christianity cannot be lived within a vacuum. Fellowship is likened to a fireplace where we can come to enjoy one another. Relationships between Christians can be the richest because they are based upon the same core of beliefs and values. God is personal, and He makes us personal.

3. Study and Practice of God’s Word–God to “me”: God has made Himself known in written form, and given us a perfect, divine revelation of His creation, His plan, His Purpose, His love…God’s inspired, written word clearly dictates the way of salvation and how we are to conduct our lives. This message investigates, in detail, James 1:19-27, which challenges the Christian to be an effectual Do-er instead of a forgetful Hearer.

4. Prayer–“me” to God: The activity of prayer is one of obedience rather than ability. We do not always know how to pray as we should, but The Spirit intercedes for us…(Romans *:26-27). God bestows the privilege of prayer upon His children and sees the heart of each child rather than the eloquence of the words used in prayer. Our Heavenly Father encourages us to be persistent in prayer as He shows us the fruitfulness of our dependence upon Him.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Sermon 1: Witnessing: The Church’s Eternal Purpose
Sermon 2: Fellowship: The Hearth of the Church
Sermon 3: The Bible: The Perfect Law of Liberty
Sermon 4: Prayer: The Marvelous Condescention

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