Genesis – Complete MP3 Series

All 67 messages of Genesis on three MP3 discs.

The most important book in the Bible is Genesis. It sets the stage for the story of history…the drama of redemption…the autobiography of God. In Genesis, we see the purposes, prophecies, and promises of God set forth of which the rest of history and the rest of the Bible will be fulfilled. Enjoy the opening act of the story of the Bible.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Sermon 1: The Universe: Its Form and Forces
Sermon 2: The Waters Above
Sermon 3: The Fullness Thereof
Sermon 4: King of the Earth
Sermon 5: The Sabbath Day
Sermon 6: Genesis 2: The Willing Subject
Sermon 7: No Longer Two
Sermon 8: Paradise Lost
Sermon 9: A Banquet of Consequences
Sermon 10: Two Men, Two Paths
Sermon 11: The Way of Cain
Sermon 12: The First Hero
Sermon 13: When God’s Voice is Silent
Sermon 14: Noah: A Blueprint of a Faithful Man
Sermon 15: The Flood of Noah
Sermon 16: The Noahic Covenant
Sermon 17: Curse and Disperse: The Table of Nations
Sermon 18: The Heretic and the Whore
Sermon 19: Abraham: The Pivot in the Unfolding Plan
Sermon 20: The Abrahamic Covenant
Sermon 21: The Progression of a Patriarch
Sermon 22: Patriarchal Flop
Sermon 23: The “Eyes” Have It
Sermon 24: The Alters of Altars
Sermon 25: Trials, the Forge of Greatness
Sermon 26: Melchizedek: Type of a Forever Priest
Sermon 27: “Footsteps”
Sermon 28: “How to get to Heaven by The Father of the Faithful”
Sermon 29: God’s Covenant People
Sermon 30: The Perils of Patience
Sermon 31: The Genesis of Jesus or the God Who Hears
Sermon 32: El Shaddai
Sermon 33: Covenant Children
Sermon 34: It’s a Wonderful Life
Sermon 35: Dare to Draw Nearer
Sermon 36: “Fatal Attraction”
Sermon 37: “Pilgrim’s Regress”
Sermon 38: Isaac: Shadow of the Begotten
Sermon 39: Patriarchs and Philistines
Sermon 40: “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”
Sermon 41: “Death be not proud”
Sermon 42: Made in Heaven
Sermon 43: The Sovereignty of God-The first Fundamental
Sermon 44: “Siren’s Song: The Tragedy of Esau”
Sermon 45: Extraordinary Principles from an Ordinary Man
Sermon 46: Responses to the Revealed Will
Sermon 47: The Presence
Sermon 48: Divine Discipline
Sermon 49: Of Maids and Mandrakes
Sermon 50: How to be a Believer in an Unbelieving World
Sermon 51: The Divine Protection or “Kings X”
Sermon 52: The Magnificent Defeat
Sermon 53: The Restoration of a Backslider
Sermon 54: “The road less traveled”
Sermon 55: The Father’s Glorious Firstborn: Then and Now
Sermon 56: The Black Sheep of the Chosen Line
Sermon 57: Joseph, the Faithful
Sermon 58: Clinging in the Dark
Sermon 59: Beautiful Savior, Lord of All Nations
Sermon 60: Hound of Heaven
Sermon 61: Love Divine-All Love Excelling
Sermon 62: Icebergs
Sermon 63: Flourishing in Famine: Clean Living in a Dirty World
Sermon 64: The People of God: A Family Portrait
Sermon 65: A Joyful View of a Grim Subject
Sermon 66: Providence: Beauty on the Black Keys
Sermon 67: A Coffin in Egypt

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