Genesis Volume 6 of 6


9 disc set.

The most important book in the Bible is Genesis. It sets the stage for the story of history…the drama of redemption…the autobiography of God. In Genesis, we see the purposes, prophecies, and promises of God set forth of which the rest of history and the rest of the Bible will be fulfilled. Enjoy the opening act of the story of the Bible.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Sermon 59: Beautiful Savior, Lord of All Nations
Sermon 60: Hound of Heaven
Sermon 61: Love Divine-All Love Excelling
Sermon 62: Icebergs
Sermon 63: Flourishing in Famine: Clean Living in a Dirty World
Sermon 64: The People of God: A Family Portrait
Sermon 65: A Joyful View of a Grim Subject
Sermon 66: Providence: Beauty on the Black Keys
Sermon 67: A Coffin in Egypt

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