Israel: The Covenant People of God – Complete MP3 Series

All 18 messages of Israel, the Covenant People of God on one MP3 disc.

One of the great themes of the Bible is its dominant focus on the Nation of Israel. Israel was chosen by God not for any inherent greatness on its part, but rather simply to be the special recipients of His grace and of His love. The nation of Israel was then to serve as a giant object lesson for all the world to study and observe. The significance of God’s special relationship with Israel can be traced throughout every book of the Old Testament and even throughout the New Testament—especially in the Gospels, Romans, and the Book of Revelation. However, the Bible’s focus on Israel represents more than a simple history lesson. What we see as we trace the history of Israel in the Bible is the character of God on display. We see His wisdom as He calls a people out of darkness and insignificance and makes them into a great Nation as the recipients of the wise principles of His Law. We see His faithfulness as He enters into covenants with His people and remains faithful to fulfill His promises to them despite their persistent unfaithfulness. We see His power as He rises up on their behalf to rescue them from their bondage in Egypt by an extension of His mighty right hand. In this series, we will trace God’s faithfulness to Israel from the early chapters of Genesis through to the succession of Patriarchs such as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We will study the giving of the God’s Law at Mount Sinai and the Wilderness Wanderings on the way to the Promised Land. We will then focus on the rise and dominance of Israel during the United Kingdom age followed by the division and decline of God’s people during the Divided Kingdom period. In all of this we will witness the unwavering love of God for His people despite their many times wavering and distracted love for Him. These records of God’s past faithfulness recorded in the Scriptures stand as testimonies of God’s present and future faithfulness to us.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Sermon 1: Israel: God’s Foundation of Truth
Sermon 2: Israel: The Time of the Patriarch
Sermon 3: The Nation of Law
Sermon 4: The Story of Israel and the Law, from Sinai to the Wilderness Wanderings
Sermon 5: God’s Nation of Law: Saved by Grace
Sermon 6: Compromise, Judgement and Blessing
Sermon 7: The Rise of the Jewish Kingdom, and the Beginnings of Its End
Sermon 8: The Fall of the Northern Kingdom
Sermon 9: The Fall of the Southern Kingdom
Sermon 10: Jehoshaphat and His Legacy: “The Sins of the Fathers…”
Sermon 11: Joash and Amaziah: Present Lessons From the Past
Sermon 12: Uzziah, Jotham and Ahaz: Three Stories Far Too Familiar
Sermon 13: Hezekiah: The Greatest Revival
Sermon 14: Manasseh and the Beginning of the End
Sermon 15: From The Return to the Coming of Christ, The Evolution of Error
Sermon 16: History’s Worst Decision
Sermon 17: The Last Days of Planet Earth
Sermon 18: Israel’s Final Victory and Glory: The Coming of Jesus Christ

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