Judges – Complete MP3 Series

All 23 messages of Judges on one MP3 disc.

The book of Judges records the descent of the nation from its glorious beginnings under Joshua into what has aptly been termed the sewer of Scripture. This downward cycle into compromise and sin is only interrupted by the gracious intervention of Israel’s God by raising up deliverers–the Judges–to call the nation back to God.

Israel began with the most glorious knowledge of any nation in history, but rejected it for gods of their own imagination, as could any nation.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Sermon 1: The Faithfulness of Old to a New Generation
Sermon 2: A Tale of Four Cities
Sermon 3: The Art of Destroying a Civilization
Sermon 4: Cycles of Sin and The first National Hero
Sermon 5: Little Man, Big God, Great Day
Sermon 6: Deborah and Jael-Women Forced to the Front
Sermon 7: Song of Deborah: Perils of Sheep and Ships
Sermon 8: Gideon: The Molding of an Unlikely Hero
Sermon 9: “Where Eagles Dare”
Sermon 10: Lowly Tools for Lofty Tasks
Sermon 11: Three Persons You Do Not Want To Be
Sermon 12: An Ephod at Ophrah
Sermon 13: The Man Who Would Be King
Sermon 14: Jephthah-Israel’s Rejected Savior, Lord and Judge
Sermon 15: Call of Glory, Seeds of Doom
Sermon 16: Descent into Doom
Sermon 17: Samson: A Type of Deliverance, A Tale of Demise
Sermon 18: Samson: The Self-Destructiveness of Sin
Sermon 19: An Inspection of Defection: The Root of a Nation’s Departure
Sermon 20: The Theological and Moral Decline of a Nation
Sermon 21: The Sewer of Scripture
Sermon 22: A Warning for America
Sermon 23: “Departing to the Right”

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