Men – Man of God – DVD Series (2009)


3 disc set. Spring 2009 Men’s Conference.

Brothers, The term “Man of God” in the Old Testament referred to Moses, to David, to Elijah, to Elisha, and to the prophets–the man who was consecrated to God and entrusted with His will and word. It was the man who formed the moral climate of the nation.

In the New Testament, a “Man of God” refers to Timothy and to the faithful saints. It’s used to show us what we are to be in this world. The term “Man of God” in the New Testament is used of any Christian who is taught, reproved, rebuked, corrected and trained by the Scriptures. As a matter of fact, it is used in the pastoral epistles of First and Second Timothy which looks at the church to come apart from the Apostles–the church of our day.

So, come on and look at what the “Man of God” is—what he believes, how he lives and what he does. Tommy

Teacher: Tommy Nelson
Guest Speakers: James Reid, Calvin Clark, Kent Hansen, Jerry Clark, Ed Gibson, Kendall Lucas, and Randal Fuller.

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