Matthew – Complete MP3 Series

93 disc, covering the complete book of Matthew.

Who is the King? Where is the Kingdom today? Will it ultimately come? Matthew speaks of the mighty son of David – the Messianic Jewish King – and how the church fits into the ultimate program and the decree of God for history. Listen and learn “what on earth is God doing for Heaven’s sake.”

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Sermon 1 – Birthright: Geneology of The King
Sermon 2 – The Virgin Birth: The Manifestation of The King
Sermon 3 – The Worship of The King: The Adoration of the Magi
Sermon 4 –
Sermon 5 – The Forerunner of The King
Sermon 6 – The Baptism of The King
Sermon 7 – The Temptation of The King
Sermon 8 – The Disciples of The King
Sermon 9 – The Preaching of The King
Sermon 10- All The Kings Men: Salt and Light
Sermon 11- The Heart of the People of God
Sermon 12- The King of Hearts
Sermon 13- The Depth of Purity
Sermon 14- Divorce As Jesus Sees It
Sermon 15- People of Fidelity
Sermon 16- A People of Mercy
Sermon 17- The Son to the Children on how to speak to the Father
Sermon 18- 20:20
Sermon 19- Getting A Life
Sermon 20- Physician, Heal Thy Self
Sermon 21- Maxims of Ministry
Sermon 22- Two Paths, Two Trees, Two Houses
Sermon 23- The Foulest Clean
Sermon 24- The Unseen Stranger
Sermon 25- The Restoration of Peter’s Mother-in-law
Sermon 26- The High Road
Sermon 27- When Storms Arise
Sermon 28- The Other Side
Sermon 29- Men Made New
Sermon 30-The King and His Subjects: The Challenge Begins
Sermon 31- A Tale of Two Daughters
Sermon 32- Two Blind Men and A Mute
Sermon 33- The First Fathers
Sermon 34- Divorce as Jesus Sees It
Sermon 35- Heaven’s Messengers
Sermon 36- The Long Grey Line
Sermon 37- The Coming Struggle
Sermon 38- The Persecution of the King-The Remnant in Israel-Part 1
Sermon 39- The Divinely Sanctioned Split in Israel: Savior of the Little
Sermon 40- The Sabbath Controversies: The Pivot in the Ministry of Jesus
Sermon 41- The Unforgivable Sin
Sermon 42- The Parable of the Sower
Sermon 43- The Imitation of the Kingdom: The Tares and the Wheat
Sermon 44- The Expansion of the Kingdom: The Parable of the Mustard Seed
Sermon 45- The Parable of the Leaven: The Transformation of the Kingdom
Sermon 46- The Divine View of Heaven
Sermon 47- The Unification of the Kingdom
Sermon 48- The End of the Age
Sermon 49- New Things: Old Sins
Sermon 50- The Training of the Twelve: My Utmost for His Highest
Sermon 51- Rising Above the Storms of Life
Sermon 52- The Heart of True Religion
Sermon 53- Ministry to the Margins
Sermon 54- Beware the Leaven
Sermon 55- Rocks, Keys and Christ
Sermon 56- The Way of the Cross
Sermon 57- The Transfiguration: A View from the Other Side
Sermon 58- Elijah, Jesus, Yote and Us
Sermon 59- The Power of Prevailing Prayer
Sermon 60- All Things Great and Small
Sermon 61- A Straight Word to Crooked Men
Sermon 62- Church Discipline: Divine Law for an Earthly People
Sermon 63- Forgiveness: Emulation of the Divine
Sermon 64- Divorce: Amending the Perspective of the Church
Sermon 65- Good Lessons from Bad Examples
Sermon 66- Rewards of the Kingdom
Sermon 67- The Price of Greatness: A New “Coin of the Realm”
Sermon 68- Men of Honor
Sermon 69- The Most Important Week of History: The Triumphal Entry
Sermon 70- The Cleansing of the Temple
Sermon 71- Two People, Living and Dead
Sermon 72- The Firing of Israel’s Leaders, Inclusion of the Remnant, and the Kingdom Extended to the Gentiles
Sermon 73- The Parable of the Gate Crasher
Sermon 74- The Relationship of Church and State: Influence or Unholy Union
Sermon 75- Christ’s Authority on the Afterlife
Sermon 76- The Greatest Commandment
Sermon 77- The Final Word
Sermon 78- The Autopsy of Hypocrisy
Sermon 79- The Return of the King
Sermon 80- The Thief in the Night
Sermon 81- Ladies in Waiting
Sermon 82- Laboring in the Light of His Coming
Sermon 83- The Judgement of the Nations
Sermon 84- The Greatest Story Ever Told
Sermon 85- The Last Passover: The First Lord’s Supper
Sermon 86- Gethsemane: The Last Adam in the Last Garden at the Last Temptation
Sermon 87- Trial #1: The Arrest and Trial Before Annas
Sermon 88- Trials #2 and #3: Christ Before the Sanhedrin
Sermon 89- Behold the Man, Behold The King
Sermon 90- The Greatest Six Hours in History
Sermon 91- The Last Three Hours
Sermon 92- Christ Our First Fruits: The Story of the Resurrection
Sermon 93- The Plan of the King, The Great Commission

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