Maximum Marriage

original11 Disc Set

In this series, we see that the Bible teaches that healthy marriages and families are based on the nature and character of God. The Bible charges man with exercising a loving and sacrificial leadership of his wife. Tommy sets forth these principles of biblical headship and explains what they look like in everyday terms. He then describes the qualities of The Fairer Sex and how a woman can find fulfillment and divine approval in her respectful submission to her husband and service to her family. We also see that God has spoken with almost embarrassing clarity on the subject of the sexual relationship in marriage. In Sanctified Sexuality, Tommy presents practical counsel to married couples on how to have a fulfilling sexual relationship in marriage. And for Singles, in The Art of Singlehood, we see that the plans for a healthy marriage and future family are laid down while we are single. We also find helpful guidance on those particularly difficult areas of conflict resolution (The Rules of Engagement), how to have healthy relationships with in-Laws (The Ins and Outs of In-Laws) and money management (Mates and Money). This series will prove to be a great resource for personal or group study on marriage and the family. This series includes:

Marriage 1-Marriage: Its Order and Identites 1 Cor. 11, Genesis 2
Marriage 2-Man, the Lover 1 Peter 3:7, Eph. 5:22
Marriage 3-God and the Fairer Sex Genesis 3:16
Marriage 4-Rules of Engagement – The Art of Conflict
Marriage 5-Sanctified Sexuality
Marriage 6-The Art of Singlehood
Marriage 7-The “Ins and Outs” of In-laws
Marriage 8-The Classic Couple Acts 18
Marriage 9-Mates and Money
Marriage 10-The Doctrine of Romance Solomon 7:1-8:4
Marriage 11-The Biblical Perspective of Homosexuality

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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