Men – Men of Distinction (2010)

4 Disc Set. 2010 Men’s Fall Conference.

We are all called to work with God and build the temple of His Glory in the church. Sometimes, however, God’s people can be absentee from the roll call of laborers because they are so busy with their own personal projects, and then life becomes a distraction to the great issues. Well, this scenario happened before in Israel’s history. The book of Haggai focuses on a generation of distraction and frustration and of the call of God summoning them back to His priorities. It’s the book of Haggai. We are going to have an illumining time looking at what it had to say (and says) about succeeding in the right things. Truth, fellowship, and unhealthy food – things men love! So come on and look at who a “Man of Distinction” is – what he believes, how he lives and what he does. – TOMMY

Disc 1 – Calvin Clark: Ananias: a Man of Distinction
Tommy Nelson: The Peril of Distraction
Disc 2 – Tommy Nelson: The Glory of Attraction
Disc 3 – Chris Wilson: James: a Man of Distinction
Tommy Nelson: God’s Two Question Exam
Disc 4 – Jeff Allen: Testimony

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