Philippians – All Sufficient Christ (2010)-Complete MP3 Series

All nine messages of Philippians-All Sufficient Christ (2010) on one mp3 disc.

How can a man in prison write a book where the word “joy” is continually repeated? Only when Christ is one’s life, model of conduct, object of attainment, and source of strength. And that is precisely what Philippians is about–the all-sufficiency of Christ: my life, model, goal and strength.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

Click on the sermon title to listen to the message.

Sermon 1: The Cause of Christ: Fiery Preachers and Friendly Pews
Sermon 2: In the Grip of a Master Passion
Sermon 3: A Church Worthy Of The Name
Sermon 4: “Work Out Your Salvation”
Sermon 5: Men of Distinction
Sermon 6: Christ, My Passion
Sermon 7: The Magnificent Hope
Sermon 8: God’s Faithfulness in the Stuff Down Here
Sermon 9: Angels Unaware

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