Romans Volume 2 of 5

10 disc set.

The righteousness of God is the heart of the book of Romans, where the apostle Paul explains the need of righteousness, the provision of righteousness, the impartation of righteousness, the vindication of righteousness and the application of righteousness. The study of these attributes of the righteousness of God is crucial for Christian living.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Sermon 11 – Faith Apart from Religious Works
Sermon 12 – Faith Apart from Law : Salvation’s Certainty
Sermon 13 – Abraham’s Faith, Humanity’s Example
Sermon 14 – Safe in the Unfailing Love of God
Sermon 15 – The Enigma of an Infant’s Grave
Sermon 16 – Can A Christian Continue in Sin?
Sermon 17 – The Believer’s Responsibility in Sanctification
Sermon 18 – The Blessed Dominion of Grace
Sermon 19 – The Necessity of Grace : Man’s Inability to Keep the Law
Sermon 20 – Paul’s Theological Testimony: The True Intent of the Law

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