Salvation – Complete MP3 Series

All 17 messages of Salvation on one MP3 disc.

One of the most important areas of Systematic Theology is Soteriology, the study of salvation. These messages are a firm foundation for the Christian, whether a mature believer or one new to the faith.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

Click on the sermon title to listen to the message.

Sermon 1 – Total Depravity
Sermon 2 – Enigma of an Infant’s Grave
Sermon 3 – Blessed Burden or The Story of the Easter
Sermon 4 – Inspection of Election or Objects of Benevolence
Sermon 5 – Justification or the Enigma of Religious Riddle
Sermon 6 – The Three R’s of Divine Grace
Sermon 7 – The Doctrine of Substitution
Sermon 8 – Redemption: or Perfect Payment of an Awful Debt
Sermon 9 – Propitiation: The Satisfaction of Righteous Wrath
Sermon 10 -Reconciliation or The Much More Love of God
Sermon 11 -Effectual Calling: The Compelling Voice of Deity
Sermon 12 -The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Sermon 13 -Regeneration: Blessed Birth in a Forever Family
Sermon 14 -The Sealing of the Spirit
Sermon 15 -Blessed Assurance: The Believer’s “Sino”
Sermon 16 -Believer’s Security: Rest in God’s 7th Day
Sermon 17 -Law and Grace, The Believer’s New Constitution

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