Systematic Theology – Complete MP3 Series

All 15 messages of Systematic Theology on one MP3 disc.

The Bible was revealed to mankind over a 1500-year period and through over 40 different authors in 66 different books. Each of these books varies sometimes significantly in content, length and form. Some books reveal truths about God and man and salvation in a very direct, almost instructional form. Other books reveal truths more indirectly in the context of a historical narrative about the history of the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob) or of the nation of Israel (Joshua, I and II Chronicles) or even the Church (the Book of Acts). The task of the systematic theologian is to bring together all of these truths in a systematic arrangement of the foundational truths of the Bible. His or her task is to discover what the mind of God is concerning Christ, salvation, the Holy Spirit, Heaven and Hell, Angels and demons, and many other issues the Bible addresses. A proper systematic theology is the result of a “bottom-up” approach to the study of the Bible. We start with the many specific statements of the Bible and organize and arrange them in a manner which reflects the proper weight or emphasis which the Bible places on them. The result is a concise summary of the Bible’s teachings on the important issues of life. For that reason, systematic theology is a very practical area of study which can bear much fruit in developing the Christian’s world view, helping to establish Biblical priorities, and guiding the believer toward understanding the will of God for his or her life. This series is intended as a supplement to your personal study of the Bible. As such, it is commended to “noble-minded Bereans” (Acts 17:11) everywhere. May God be glorified in the lives of all who have a desire to search out the wonders of God’s Word and to order their lives according to that Divine standard.

“. . .and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Sermon 1 – The Doctrine of Scripture
Sermon 2 – The Doctrine of God: Theology Proper
Sermon 3 – Christology: The Doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ
Sermon 4 – Pneumatology I: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Sermon 5 – Pneumatology II: His Work and the Believer
Sermon 6 – Satanology: The Doctrine of the Devil
Sermon 7 – Anthropology: The Doctrine of Man
Sermon 8 – Soteriology I: The Doctrine of Salvation
Sermon 9 – Soteriology II: The Doctrine of Salvation
Sermon 10 – Ecclesiology The Doctrine of the Church – Part 1
Sermon 11 – Ecclesiology The Doctrine of the Church – Part 2
Sermon 12 – Ecclesiology The Doctrine of the Church – Part 3
Sermon 13 – Eschatology: The Doctrine of Last Things
Sermon 14 – Eschatology 2: Man’s Coming Kingdom
Sermon 15 – Eschatology 3: A View of the Future from Swami Tommy

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