Decree of God – Complete MP3 Series

All 23 messages of The Decree of God on two MP3 discs.

The Decree of God is a comprehensive study of God’s entire plan from creation in Genesis to consummation in the book of Revelation. This series gives you a complete picture of what God is doing on earth. These messages are the basis of Tommy’s book, The Story of God (The Big Picture.) Decrees 1-12 are part of the first volume, and 13- 23 comprise the second volume.

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

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Decree 1 Act I of the Decree: God’s Eternal Purpose in History
Decree 2 Genesis 1,2 Act III of the Decree: The Creation
Decree 4 Genesis 3 Act IV of the Decree: The Fall: Paradise Lost
Decree 5 Genesis 4-5 Act V of the Decree: Man Under Conscience:The Pre-Flood World
Decree 6 Genesis 6-11 Act VI of the Decree: The Noahic Covenant: Man Under Government
Decree 7 Genesis 12-50 Act VII of the Decree: Patriarchs and Promises
Decree 8 Exodus – Nehemiah Act VIII of the Decree: The Giving of the Law
Decree 9 Matthew 1-12 Act IX of the Decree: The Coming of the King
Decree 10 Matthew 13-15 Act X of the Decree: The King and His New Program
Decree 11 Matthew 16-17 Act XI of the Decree: New Leaders for a New Order
Decree 12 Matthew 17-18 The Training of the 12 Grace in All Things Great and Small
Decree 13 Matthew 18-19 Act XIII of the Decree: Unity, Holy Matrimony, & the Admission Ticket
Decree 14 Matthew 20 Act XIV of the Decree: The Atonement: Pinnacle of Time
Decree 15 Matthew 28:18-20 Act XV of the Decree: The Church Age: The Divine Dictates
Decree 16 Jeremiah 31:31-34 Act XVI: The Church Age: The Divine Dictates (Part 2)
Decree 17 1 Thess. 4:13-18 Act XVII: The Rapture of the Church
Decree 18 2 Corinthians 5:10 Act XVIII: The Judgement Seat of Christ
Decree 19 Jeremiah 30:6-9 Act XIX: The Tribulation
Decree 20 Matthew 24:29-31 Act XX: The Return of Jesus Christ
Decree 21 Various Act XXI: The Kingdom
Decree 22 Rev. 20: 7-15 Act XXII: The Last Word
Decree 23 Rev. 21-22 Act XXIII: The Eternal State

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