The Doctrine of Bibliology – V. Peculiar Things of a Unique Book Part I


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Reference: Various
Speaker: Tommy Nelson

Description: Pastor Nelson outlines some of the external factors that evidence the divine content of The Bible. These include The Bible’s unity of one theological position, one Shepherd, one moral code within the 66 books of the bible written over 1500 years, in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic, over a large geographical region by multiple authors. The Bible is historical, with specificity including dates, places, people’s names; it is a true story, a narrative, instead of a compilation of fables. It’s central theme is Jesus and the chosen nation of Israel. The God of The Bible is a unified Trinity that is eternal, infinite, personal and never lonely. The qualities of the person-hood of God do not originate with man. Without an eternal, personal God, Who is our standard, families would break down and there would be no order. We are challenged to study the 28th chapter of Job this week.

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