Men – Theology of A Male – DVD series (2007)

4 disc set. 2007 Men’s Fall Conference.

Without doubt one of the most critical areas to go by the way in our day of humanism is the issue of “manhood” without the standard of God. There is no absolute for what a male really is. This DVD series will look at “The Theology of a Male.” It’s not so much on how to be a man, but what did God intend in a man? It will give the divine intent on why an Adam was ever created and created first. I’m praying right now for lives to be changed. I hope yours might be one of them.—Tommy

This series includes the original audio of: “If I Was the Devil.”

Teacher: Tommy Nelson

Guest Speakers: Jerry Clark, Calvin Clark, Jack Manes, Spunky Adams, Miller Davidge, Shea Sumlin, Gaylon Richter, and Mel Sumrall

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