Q: How do I a download a message on MP3 ?

To download, simply right-click on the link above and select “Save As…” to save to a location on your computer. It is just fine to accept the default name and location, but in the future it might be better to give the file a more descriptive name so you will know what it is. The default name is the message number with an .mp3 extension. After the file download is complete, clicking the file name should start the built-in MP3 player.

Q: How do I find what I am looking for?

At the upper right corner is a search box that allows you to search the store. The search feature is currently limited in it’s ability, but will improve over time.

Q: I bought a CD or MP3 but the sound quality is less than other messages. Why?

We went to an all-digital recording equipment on January 1, 2001. Messages after that date should be CD quality. Prior messages were recorded on tape, and transferred to CD at a later time. The signal was cleaned as much as possible, but still sound like a tape recording. Over the years we updated equipment as money and technology became available. Messages given in the 1980’s have the poorest quality, but we feel the information is valuable enough that we offer them even though the quality is less than we would like.

Q: Why is no price listed for MP3 Downloads?

In the past, a $2 fee was charged for each download, which was paid by a credit card. The Media Ministry of Denton Bible Church is now going to a donation based ministry. We are now offering all MP3 downloads at no charge, but do ask that if you are blessed by the teaching of God’s Word that you consider making a donation to help offset the costs of making the messages available online.

If you download several messages, please consider making a donation with a credit card or check of an amount that God would lay on your heart. It is our privilege and pleasure to serve you by making these biblical messages available to you. However, the Media Ministry is self-supporting, so we depend upon the donations of faithful people like you.

God has been faithful throughout the history of this ministry to raise up people to help support making God’s Word available through the teaching of Tommy Nelson. Even though we have many faithful volunteers, there are many expenses related to recording and preparing the messages to make them available for downloading on this web site. If you find value in this material and God blesses you through them, we ask you to prayerfully consider supporting the Denton Bible Media Ministry with a donation. Thank you.

Q: If financial pressure makes it impossible for me to pay the cost of the materials, can I get them at a reduced price?

It has always been our policy to make our materials available in accordance with the ability to pay. Those who desire to learn more about the wonderful things God has done for them through His Son Jesus Christ, but can’t afford the price, please take advantage of the no cost MP3 downloads. If audio CD’s are required, please submit a written request explaining the circumstance by email or snail mail. Please do not call for free or reduced price materials. DVD’s are not provided at reduced or no cost.

Q: How can I get my order shipped UPS 2nd Day Air?

We keep part-time hours, generally 9AM to 1PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday. An order placed over the internet for rush shipment may not be processed for 2 days. Anyone paying extra for quick shipping wants quicker service. If you truly need a rush shipment, please call during our office hours and we can check the availability of the desired materials. Please keep in mind that much of our staff is volunteer – this keeps our prices low but may result in slight delays in service.

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